• Carts should stay on the Cart Paths – out of the line of play for their own safety!

• Do not park your cart too near the putting greens, as it ruins other players’ approaches to the green.

• Park the cart on the side of the green nearest to the next hole and then move away from that green quickly.

• Spectators/Volunteers should keep absolutely quiet so as not to disturb the players – don’t move or talk while someone is hitting (or about to hit the ball).

• Wait for all players to putt-out before leaving the green area for the next tee.

• Do not talk on your cell phone.  Make sure it is turned off!

• Do not take pictures during competition rounds…check the rules for each tournament.

• Do not ask for autographs from golfers who are still out on the course playing.

• Do not applaud or otherwise ridicule a bad shot by one of the players.

• Watch your shadow.  In early morning or late afternoon, your shadow may be in a player’s line of sight or actually on him or his/her ball.  If you can’t move, it is even more important to stay perfectly still.

• Never offer advice to the players!


• Skirt, shorts, khaki and/or slacks – NO JEANS!

• Tennis shoes are acceptable, no open toed shoes.