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RESULTS FROM WEEK 1 (Jan 12 – 15)

January 12th – Willow Glen

* 1st Place | St. Patrick Catholic School
Taitano – Score: 58 

Toby Taitano
Stuart Chin
Angus Mcdonald
Tony Kingsolver

* 2nd Place | SDCFCA for Ronald McDonald
Zunich – Score: 59

Jay Zunich
Jay Palacios
Kyle Jensen
Kevin Fay

* 3rd Place | Surface Warrior Ball
Nguyen – Score: 59

William Nguyen
Fred Fogerty
John Rudolph
Christy Fogerty

* 4th Place | Prohibition Brew- Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Hayes – Score: 60

Gary Hayes
Lucas Hayes
Ryan Harris
Jeremy Tate

* 5th Place | Naval Intelligence Professionals
Muhbach – Score: 61

Kurt Mubach
Ian Muhbach
Mile Lo
Mike Gillette

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

January 13th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | Terry Spencer Memorial
Bunge – Score: 59

John Bunge
Eric Bunge
Paul Gomez
Austin Matzaganian

* 2nd Place | North County Health Services/Fore the Kids
Nisius – Score: 60

Greg Nisius
Dave Horowitz
Mark Stewart
Justin Wees

* 3rd Place | LAPA Chip N’ 4 Charity
Fryt – Score: 60 

Henry Fryt
Brandon Roth
William Jiang
David Walter

* 4th Place | Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Martin – Score: 60

David Martin
Michael Mendez
Eric Sams
Brett Upper

* 5th Place | All Fore the Community
Rhoten – Score: 60

Patrick Rhoten
Mike Laliberte
Jack Raub
Mark Warman

[Not Pictured – 1st Place]
2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

January 14th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | Roof Raisers – Ecke Family YMCA
Fishel – Score: 61

Jason Fishel
Mike Bartle
Brian Kirby
Mike Murphy

* 2nd Place | East County Posse for Military Kids
Honeycutt – Score: 61

Tom Honeycutt
Steve Davis
Jim Higashi
Dennis Brickel

* 3rd Place | Santee Unified School District Foundation
Johnston – Score: 62

Andrew Johnston
Lisa Johnston
Cory Schweer
Todd Cady

* 4th Place | St. Patrick Catholic School
Strigley – Score: 62

Richard Strigley
Paul Dufour
Tim Connors
Ernie Foutch

* 5th Place | USD MBA Veterans
Hayes – Score: 63 

Michael Hayes
Charlie Clark
Chris Cotter
Scott Mitchell

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

January 15th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | BBB’s Gerry Wilson
Allen – Score: 55

Jim Allen
Joe Rathburn
Brandon Gandy
Alex Grieb

* 2nd Place | Prayers for Kylie
Muse – Score: 58 

Josh Muse
Daniel Camacho
Miles Doughty
Ryan Thorvaldsen

* 3rd Place | St. Augustine High School
Case – Score: 58 

Tim Case
Robert Case
Michael Atkins
James Brown

* 4th Place | Vineyard RADY’s Toy Scramble
Dailey – Score: 59 

Justin Dailey
Ben Murphy
Matt Murphy
Ian Richenbacher

* 5th Place | Grossmont Hospital Foundation
Rutter – Score: 59 

Matt Rutter
Glenn Matthews
Kendra Matthews
Bret Parker

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place


January 19th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place |Vinyard’s Toy Scramble for RADY’s
Cammall – Score: 60 

David Cammall
Kevin Bresnahan
Mike Bresnahan
John Crisp

* 2nd Place |San Diego Navy Supply Corp Foundation
Bethmann – Score: 60

Thomas Bethmann
Edward Butzirus
Sid Gulledge
Nick Haubrich

* 3rd Place | World’s Largest Golf Outing for Wounded Warriors
Furey- Score: 61 

Ryan Furey
Nick Lumsden
John Hank
Ken Dorren

* 4th Place | Heads Invitational
Defalco – Score: 62 

Joseph Defalco
Brett Atkinson
Mark VanHoose
Ben Cramer

* 5th Place | Fred Bradley Memorial
Geernaert – Score: 62

Harlan Geernaert
Stephen Sheffield
Todd Steller
Nick Cormier

1st Place

1st Place

January 20th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | John Hazelton Memorial – Christmas is July
Fee – Score: 60 

Graham Fee
Jay Manning
Tim Johnson
Stan Gabara

* 2nd Place | St. Augustine High School Golf Team
Flaming – Score: 60 

Sam Flaming
Mike Hensley
Ryan Aguinaldo
David Flamand

* 3rd Place | SD Downtown Rotary – Holes for Heroes
Brown – Score: 60 

Marc Brown
Ian Brown
Jim Shoaf
Matt Marchand

* 4th Place | Billy Casper Youth Foundation
Voges – Score: 61 

Mitch Voges
Jeff Dottl
Nathan Miles
Rich Cooper

* 5th Place | Junior Achievement
Anderson – Score: 61 

Dylan Anderson
Rob Lang
Stephen St. Amour
Matt Young

[1st Place – Not Pictured]
2nd Place

2nd Place

[3rd Place – Not Pictured]

January 21st – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | VAREP Stars & Stripes Veterans Charity
Greig – Score: 58

Daren Greig
Tim Garlin
Tony Santiago
John Fleming

* 2nd Place | Mission Viejo Community Foundation
Petke – Score: 60 

John Petke
Don Alhanati
Mike Walsh
Jay Norton

* 3rd Place | Chula Vista Firefighters Foundation
Belmont – Score: 60 

Tim Belmont
Mike Lytle
Mike Edwards
Anthony Melillo

* 4th Place | Encinitas Firefighters for NavySEALS Fund
Spiegel – Score: 60 

Matt Spiegel
Jim Hogan
Thom Anderson
Mike Spaulding

* 5th Place | Sycuan’s Charity Golf Tournament
Morris- Score: 61

Jim Muse
Scott Loughney
Troy Graves
Louis Noriega

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

January 22nd – Willow Glen

* 1st Place | Canine Companions
Kennedy – Score: 57 

Doug Kennedy
Erik Wehrberg
Daniel Ferraris
Eric Bramblia

* 2nd Place | BBB’s Gerry Willson
Upchurch- Score: 59 

Mark Upchurch
Dan Mezich
Steve Minichiello
Alex Wagner

* 3rd Place | Boost for our Heroes
Galleher – Score: 59 

Tyler Galleher
Jacob Nelson
Phil Fascetti
David Banks

* 4th Place | Kiwanis Club – Bonitafest
Olson – Score: 61

Ken Olson
Bob Cooper
Ron Landicho
Nathan Ga

* 5th Place | Coronado Islander Sport Foundation
Gilmore- Score: 61 

Ted Gilmore
Brad Daluiso
Jeff Koprivetz
Rob Avant

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

RESULTS FROM WEEK 3 (Jan 25 – 26)

January 25th – Willow Glen

* 1st Place | Carlsbad High School Choral Boosters
Munro – Score: 59 

Brad Munro
Steve Shumaker
Hannah Durette
Bill Baker

* 2nd Place | ASLA Community Grant
Picard – Score: 59 

Tom Picard
Kim Goldenstein
Jeff O’Connor
Kent Aden

* 3rd Place | Beer Buds & Birdies – Mike Jackson Memorial
Kelly – Score: 59 

Chris Kelly
Sean Hayes
Casey Young
Zane Keith

* 4th Place | Encinitas Firefighters for NavySEALS Fund
Pearce – Score: 60 

James Pearce
Mark Pearce
Mike Herrick
Ky Fell

* 5th Place | Boys & Girls Clubs of San Marcos
Bieri – Score: 61 

Andrew Bieri
Brad Bieri
Mark Doty
Brett Griffin

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

January 26th – Oak Glen

* 1st Place | Encinitas Firefighters for NavySEALS Fund
Essex – Score: 58 

Charles Essex
Ty Ault
Nick Baratelle
Adam Frey

* 2nd Place | Chula Vista Firefighters Foundation
Hartman – Score: 60 

Michael Hartman
Ken Lockey
Kevin Gorman
Oscar Casillas

* 3rd Place | Kiwanis Club of Bonita
Simon – Score: 61 

John Simon
Ray Botana
Brian Springer
Paul Simon

* 4th Place | Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Quinn – Score: 61 

JJ Quinn
Mike Fuqua
Francis Fox
Kiel Massong

* 5th Place | Softchoice for Multiple Sclerosis
Otto – Score: 61 

Drake Otto
Karl Topham
David Jackson
Russell Uyeda

1st Place

1st Place